CU Missions Fund

We are thankful to God for his faithful and abundant provision in Cambridge, and we desire to support evangelistic efforts of University and College Christian Unions elsewhere in Great Britain.

The CU Missions Fund exists to receive funds from CICCU and other Christian Unions in order to support financially other UCCF University and College Christian Unions in their evangelism to students.

Who can apply?

Any UCCF CU within Great Britain may apply to the CICCU CU Missions Fund, for funding towards evangelistic events organised by the CU, aimed at reaching students within their university.  Funds shall be distributed in order to help to fund evangelistic events in which the verbal proclamation of the Gospel is central to the relevant mission or event(s). This might include one or more of the following:

  1. Gospel talk(s) based on the Bible
  2. Apologetic style talks or lunch bars
  3. Distribution of Bibles, portions of the Bible, or Gospel tracts
  4. Biblically-based Enquirers groups

Funding is available for any amount up to £500 per term, per CU. Sums above £500 will be considered in extraordinary circumstances.

Speakers must sign the UCCF Doctrinal Basis, and after the event we would require a basic breakdown of how funding was spent.

Priority in the distribution of money shall be given to UCCF Christian Unions that cannot afford to hold evangelistic events or missions without external financial support.  In seeking to raise funds for an event, CUs should demonstrate a commitment to sacrificial giving and careful stewardship of the resources available to them. Priority in the distribution of money shall be given to CUs seeking to take these responsibilities seriously.  The CICCU Executive Committee retain the distribution rights of the money irrespective of its source (e.g. other CUs).

How to apply

To receive an application form, please e-mail, giving name of CU, and name and address of person to whom the application form should be sent, or download the following form: CUMF – Application Form (2023-2024). Applications must be returned to the same address

Applying for funding is simple but processing applications may take time. So please make applications at least one month before the money would be needed.