Freshers’ Getaway

We’re definitely going to run something! Even though COVID-19 has created some uncertainty about whether we’ll be able to have a physical getaway in September, we still think it’s super important to encourage freshers and equip you to live for Jesus from your very first day at uni. This means we’ll certainly be running some kind of event on 18th September, whether that’s part of a residential at Ledbury, a regional get together with Cambridge Christians from your city, or a big Zoom meeting. So if you are a fresher, please sign up below – we’d love to see you at whatever we end up running!

Coming up to Cambridge in October 2020? We’d love to invite you to our Freshers’ Getaway!

Freshaway is for those who are keen to live as Christians at university and would like to explore what that will be like. Expect great Bible teaching and practical seminars, lots of fun and games, and opportunities to build friendships and get stuck in before Freshers’ Week even starts. Whether you’re excited or nervous about starting university, going to Freshaway will mean you arrive in Cambridge

  • knowing dozens of other Christian students already.
  • with an idea of what the main student churches are like through chatting to some of their staff.
  • prepared by a weekend of prayer, praise, talks, and seminars to live for Jesus at university from the very first day.

So please do register your interest below – we can’t wait to see you there!

Sign up here!

We know you won’t have received your A-Level results yet, but we’ve got a sign-up sheet anyway. Stick your details on this form, and we’ll send you an email after results day to the sign-up form proper.

Payment details coming soon – the cost will be about £70. If you’d like to come but cost is an issue, please don’t hesitate to email the getaway treasurer Rebekah West as we’d much rather you joined us!

How to get there

The getaway will be at The Poplars, a Christian retreat centre near Ledbury.

The nearest station is Ledbury. We’ll be providing lifts between the station and The Poplars during the getaway. When you’ve booked your train, please email Rebekah to let us know when it gets in!

The address is:
The Poplars
Bromsberrow Heath

For any general questions, please email the CICCU secretary Lydia Mugge.

View the 2020 freshaway flyer as a pdf.