Coming Up

This Week
College Groups
Various times, various locations

Each college has their own group of Christians who meet regularly to pray and study the Bible. Most will be starting this week, maybe with pre-term days to start this term off in the light of God’s word, maybe with church searches on Sundays to help you find a church and get settled. To find out more, find your college group online or contact your college rep.

Unite Launch
Thursday 10th October // Doors open 19:00 // St Andrews Street Baptist Church

New year, new main meeting of CU. Come along to the first ever Unite, where we’ll be singing, celebrating, encouraging and organising ourselves for the year ahead. We’re privileged to have Dr Sharon James, renowned authors and speakers, come and share with us on how we as students can have confidence that our faith is not blind, but grounded in rationality and Christ, the source of all truth.

Big Questions
Human Rights: Why are humans worthy of rights?
Friday 11th October // 13:00-13:50 // St Andrew the Great Church

Why is it that we believe all humans to be equal in dignity, status and rights? What is it about us that means everyone, no matter their class, gender or ethnicity, deserves rights? We’re joined by Michael Ots to discuss this issue. Join us for a talk, Q&A and discussion, over a free lunch.

Freshers Week 6th-9th October // 22:45-02:00

Thirsty? is our outreach to clubs in Cambridge, bringing sandwiches, water and help to those who need it when they leave clubs late at night. If you want to help out, or even just come and make sandwiches and pray, do sign up below. Message Bethany (bcg31) or Ethan (el445) for more details.

Further Ahead
Oasis Launch
Saturday 19th October // 19:00 // Christ's College JCR

An exciting new initiative for CU, Oasis is our chance to care for everyone who feels out of place in the Cambridge culture. A chill (alcohol-free) evening with drinks, snacks and board games, and a chance to sit back, relax and discuss the biggest questions in life, including how the good news of Christianity affects all of us.

Thought Festival: Question Everything
24th-26th October // 19:30 // Michaelhouse Cafe (24th, 26th) + TBC (25th)

University is certainly a time to explore academic questions that you care about, hoping you will learn more about the world and be able to contribute back to it. But what about the big personal questions about life and the world? University should be a time to find answers for these. Thought Festival is a space for just this: to ask big questions and begin to answer them, to evaluate the assumptions we’ve made about life and the world. Three evenings of conversations, exhibits, talks and music examining unasked questions and how Jesus answers them.

Carol Services
Wednesday 4th December // 20:00 & 22:00 // Great St Mary's Church

A traditional carol service with a touch of the modern. Come to hear and to sing your favourite carols, some new songs you may not have heard, and hear readings and a short talk from the Bible about what Christmas can mean for us today.