Coming Up

This Week
Missions Unite
7:30pm // 20th Feb // St Andrew's Street Baptist Church

We’re privileged to be joined by George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation, to talk to him about his experience in world mission over several decades. There will also be several stalls from missionary agencies with representatives from each to chat to and help us explore the idea of future missionary work for ourselves.

Unite Prayer
7:50am // 10th Feb // The Round Church

LIFE will have finished by Monday but God’s work continues in the lives of all who heard his Word. This is a chance to praise Him together for those who came to faith during the week and petition Him for those who do not yet know him. Whatever kind of week you’ve had, there’ll be Christians from around the university to rejoice and pray with.

Ever wondered what the Bible actually says or who Jesus really was? Join us as we look at the documents which chronicle Jesus’s life and hear stories from a variety of people whose lives have been utterly transformed by him. This week we’re looking at Mark chapter 5 and hearing from Dr Richard Carter.

College Groups
Various times, various locations

Each college has their own group of Christians who meet regularly to pray and study the Bible. Most will be starting this week, maybe with pre-term days to start this term off in the light of God’s word, maybe with church searches on Sundays to help you find a church and get settled. To find out more, find your college group online or contact your college rep.

Further Ahead
Bonus event!

Look out for a bonus Big Questions style event in week 8.