Coming Up

This Week
7:30pm, 16th January // St Andrew's Street Baptist

Nay Dawson is back to speak to us about boldness in evangelism in our first Unite in Events Week term. We’ll think about why we can be bold and what means in practice to be bold in the way we witness to our friends.

Unite Prayer
7:50am, 20th January // The Round Church

We return to our weekly pattern of committing ourselves, our friends, and our city to God.

College Groups
Various times, various locations

Each college has their own group of Christians who meet regularly to pray and study the Bible. Most will be starting this week, maybe with pre-term days to start this term off in the light of God’s word, maybe with church searches on Sundays to help you find a church and get settled. To find out more, find your college group online or contact your college rep.

Further Ahead
Science. And faith?
27th January // Doors 7pm for 7:15pm // Lady Mitchell Hall

Is scientifically informed living compatible with belief in God? Physics professor and author Tom McLeish tackles the subject in a lecture followed by Q&A.

LIFE at Clare Cellars
30th January // 8pm // Clare College Cellars

Come along for a night of performances exploring the beautiful and the ugly, the ups and downs, the confusions and excitements of the tangled mess of life. We’re hoping to see a whole range of art forms like spoken word, music — or whatever way you would like to express yourself!

Lunar New Year Dinner
Date and location TBC

We are partnering with CCCF to invite international students to a dinner celebrating the lunar New Year. There will be a meal followed by someone telling the story of how they became a Christian.

Events Week 2020
4th -7th February

At Events Week, students get the opportunity to hear about our faith in Christ, bringing their questions and looking at God’s Word with the help of some of the most gifted evangelists, all in an environment where other students are asking the same questions and where Christian students in the same station of life as them can share about the life that Jesus offers.