Big CICCU Getaway

BCG 2021 is over! We hope you enjoyed it. If you have any feedback, feel free to email David Evans, the getaway secretary for 2021-2022.

BCG 2022 will be 11th-14th January 2022. God-willing, it will be a physical getaway once more at the Frontier Centre, NN9 5UH.

You can find the details for BCG 2021 below.

BCG 2021 key info:
Dates: 12-15th January 2021
Times: 09.30-13.00, plus afternoon seminars and evening fun
Cost: Free!
Awesome: Yes!
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CICCU Getaway
Despite Coronavirus
God’s word every day
To feed us and inspire us
12th-15th January 2021

The global situation is continuously changing. But God doesn’t change – he is the eternal king (Jeremiah 10:10). And so, as we remember His love for us, expressed most perfectly in Jesus’ death on the cross, our response can wonderfully be one of reverence and awe, coupled with a bubbly overjoyed thanksgiving that we have the privilege of calling Him Father!

And so it’s worthwhile to spend some time together each January as a whole CU on Big CICCU Getaway worshipping and praising our God, and digging deep into His lifechanging word, asking him by His Holy Spirit to feed us and inspire us through what we read from the Bible together.


Big CICCU Getaway 2021 will look very different to any year in the past – social distancing measures prevent us from meeting in a large group in person for a residential trip. But while we can’t spend three nights away together, praise God for Zoom!

We’ll spend our mornings on a Zoom call together, hearing a talk from God’s word, entering discussion groups in colleges, and playing games together, interspersed with long and regular breaks from screens. From 14.30-15.30 on Tuesday and Thursday, there will be a couple of optional seminars to equip us to serve Jesus as we walk with him in Cambridge, and later in the day we will run optional evening entertainment to allow us to spend some more chilled time together as God’s family playing games and solving murder mysteries together.

This year Big CICCU Getaway is absolutely free, and will be as awesome as ever. We’d love to see you there!



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If you’ve still got questions about Getaway, Georgia Edmonds, the getaway secretary, would love to hear from you! For more general questions about the Christian Union, please email the CICCU secretary Lydia Mugge.