Events Week 2023

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For an overview of the vision behind it, read on!

What is Events Week?

Every year, our Christian Union organises a week of events proclaiming the Gospel, taking place over lunchtimes and evenings, pursuing our vision to make Jesus Christ known to students in Cambridge.

At Events Week, students get the opportunity to hear about our faith in Christ, bringing their questions and looking at God’s Word with the help of some of the most gifted evangelists, all in an environment where other students are asking the same questions and where Christian students in the same station of life as them can share about the life that Jesus offers.

We have seen that hosting a back-to-back series of events engages students in a way that standalone events cannot do. Events Week has proven to be, for some, a culmination of a long pre-existing journey investigating the Christian faith, and for others, a first serious encounter with Jesus’s claims.

For decades, by God’s grace, dozens of students have come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour at these events.

Our values

COMPREHENSIVE: We want to give every student in Cambridge the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every event we put on.

FAITHFUL TO SCRIPTURE: We want to proclaim the Gospel as it is revealed in God’s Word.

WIDE-REACHING: We want to reach far and wide across the diverse body of Cambridge students.

PERSONAL: We want students to be confronted with the Gospel as a personal message of reconciliation with their Creator.