We’re a community at Magdalene college who love God and look after each other. We come from a range of backgrounds and outlooks and want everyone and anyone be able to find family with us. We openly discuss what God has for our lives as well as our questions, doubts and differences. We want to encourage each other and spur each other on to grow closer to Jesus and we want Jesus’ love to be experienced all over Magdalene College! We love talking about Him and to Him and we want to love Him more.

We meet during the week to chat, eat, read the bible, pray, share stories, drink tea and sometimes even sing.

Our CU group meeting in C.S. Lewis’ old office!
C.S. Lewis doing his thing

We’d love you to get in touch and we’re super excited to have you in Magdalene this year.

Lydia Pike:

Aiste Mizgeryte:

Facebook page: (which will hopefully be updated soon with more info for you). Also, find us on fb, and we’ll add you to the group chat!