4-8 February 2019


What do you want to be different tomorrow?

The world is changing more rapidly than at any time in history, and we are changing too. As students at Cambridge, not only are our own lives and personalities probably changing more than they ever have before or will again, but we know we have a part to play in the transformation of the global society around us. But how often do we pause and ask ourselves where we are going?

TOMORROW is a week-long invitation to ask the deeper questions of where we want to go and who we want to become as people and as a society. Through talk-discussions, interviews, and an open café to relax and enjoy meaningful conversation, we’ll be exploring issues of purpose, progress, identity and truth and asking what the ancient wisdom of Jesus of Nazareth has to offer us in the 21st Century. Each day we’ll be hearing from our guests, author Pete Nicholas and international speaker Michael Ramsden, as well as interviews with special guests from around the world. All are warmly welcomed to listen and participate, as we seek to connect with one another across differences in belief and background, to ask together if we can dare to hope for a better tomorrow.

Longing for  identity, success, Truth

Find us

We’ll be at St Andrew’s the Great (opposite Christ’s College) for every event except Wednesday Afternoon which will be at St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church (opposite Sainsbury’s local)

  • St Andrew the Great
  • St Andrews Baptist