Where to from here?

Where to from here?

Mondays · Caffe Nero

7:30 - 8:45 pm

Lent Term · wks 4-8

Still got questions? Don’t leave them unanswered! If you’ve heard something that’s interested you, but you’re still not sure, we’d love to have you at TOMORROW: Where to from here?

We’ll be asking a bunch of people from all walks of life what brought them to faith in Jesus and what impact it’s had on their lives. We’ll also have a chance to take a look at an eye witness account of Jesus’ life and discuss your thoughts and questions over a drink.

Dates: 11/02, 18/02, 25/02, 04/03, 11/03


Piyush Jani

An experienced surgeon and dentist, Piyush grew up in a Hindu family. He is convinced that Christianity is true and that it’s for everyone. Come hear his story.


Guvna B

Growing up on a council estate in East London, Guvna decided at 16 to become a Christian. He now writes award-winning music and will be telling us what difference following Jesus makes in his day-to-day.


Kirsten Russell

Living in the Middle East, Kirsten has been working on relief and development programmes in the local community and with refugees. Having come to understand God’s amazing kindness in Jesus while at uni, hear how she’s seen the hope he brings change lives.


Dr Elizabeth Robar

Elizabeth spends her working life studying the Bible. An expert in biblical Hebrew and linguistics, she’ll be sharing both her academic insights on the book and what it means to her personally as a follower of Jesus.


Billy McCurrie

Once a paramilitary in the Troubles, Billy knows intimately the power Jesus has to change people. Now a pastor, he came to faith while incarcerated and will be sharing with us his remarkable story.

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