Thursdays // 1930 // St Andrews Street Baptist Church

CICCU’s main meeting of the week is Unite (formerly Central). The name represents our commitment to meeting together regularly, because we gather not as a group drawn together by common interest, but because we are united by a common love for God, his word and his mission in the world, and particularly in Cambridge. We are not a church, and so Unite is not the same as a church service (though of course there are some things which we do as Christians whenever we gather together). 

Unite is therefore a fantastic opportunity to meet up with Christian students from other churches, to put aside differences and share in a common mission: God’s plan to reach the entire world with the gospel. 

The format and content of Unite may change slightly every week, but in coming along we pray that every week all students might be:


The Bible’s message of love and salvation is amazing, and we want to keep remembering that, so we remind ourselves of that often in song and in learning more from the Bible about our great God.


It is often tough and discouraging being a Christian and trying to share the gospel, and we easily lose sight of the big picture of God’s mission, so we make a point of spurring one another on, by getting alongside each other and by sharing stories often, from what God is doing all over Cambridge and across the world


We want to make sure every Christian student feels equipped, practically and spiritually, for God’s mission in Cambridge, so we take advantage of amazing speakers and evangelists from across the country to train us from the Bible to live and speak for Jesus as students in Cambridge

Unite: Michaelmas Termcard

Week 1 – Thursday 10th October
Is it rational to follow Jesus at Cambridge? – Dr Sharon James

Week 2 – Thursday 17th October
The beauty of the gospel: An evening of music and poetry – Glen Scrivener, Joe Smith, Mike Hood

Week 3 – [Break for Thought Festival]

Week 4 – Thursday 31st October
Engaging with a postmodern culture – Glynn Harrison

Week 5 – Thursday 7th November
Evangelism and Social Justice – Krish Kandiah

Week 6 – Saturday 16th November (2-3:15pm, followed by afternoon tea)
Events Week Launch + Alumni Reunion – Vaughan Roberts

Week 7 – Thursday 21st November
TBC – Kristi Mair

Week 8 – Thursday 28th November
Prayer, Praise and Pudding