Faculty Groups

Helping each other to glorify God through our subjects

Every student at Cambridge spends much of their time doing the degrees we signed up for, and each subject presents unique challenges towards living distinctively for Jesus and making him known in our departments. Faculty groups provide a great opportunity to meet with others who share the same challenges. They have no set structure and vary to be as helpful and relevant as possible to each subject. The main activity of most groups is meeting up a few times a term to encourage and pray for each other, but faculty groups also provide a great starting point for organising subject specific events.

Have a look at the Facebook pages and contacts here to get involved with your faculty group. If you can’t see your subject on the list and would like to try and organise something get in contact with the faculty officers: Eleanor Heaps and James Tett.

Philosophy Eleanor Heaps and Max Haughton

Theology – Abi Gilbart-Smith and Tabby Dickson

Classics – Rachel Evans

English – Natasha Leake

Law – Eleanor Bird

MML – Sophie Edwards

Music – Hannah Patterson and Lizzie Robbings

STEM – Jonathan Sherwood, James Tett, and (also for Computer Science) Matthew Keenan

History – Lily Rivers and Jacob Anderson