A Global Perspective

People from all over the world come to study at Cambridge. There’s lots going on for international students, and we’d love to meet you while you’re here!

CICCU’s International Officer is Ian Tan – please do email him if you have any questions about CICCU’s global perspective or just being an international student in Cambridge.

Heart for Nations

This is a group of people who meet weekly with the intention of learning how God’s hand is at work in the world, and thinking about how to get to know international students and to sensitively share out faith. Most importantly, we spend time praying for this work. More information can be found on the group’s facebook page here, where there are updates about when and where we are meeting, or check the term card.

Compass Cafe

We support a free weekly café called Compass Café which is open to anyone, especially international undergraduates and international language school students. It’s a friendly space to practice your English or just feel welcomed and at home – there are fun activities every week and an optional Bible study too. You can find more information on the Compass website.

Fridays 5-7pm

Livingstones Café in St. Andrew’s Street Baptist Church