Big Questions

This term's lunchtime events

Big Questions is a space to ask, discuss and investigate some of the big questions Cambridge students have about life, its meaning, and the claims of Christianity. There's a short talk with a chance to ask questions afterwards, and a free lunch.

This is hosted every Friday lunchtime, from 1:10 to 1:50pm at St Andrew the Great church.

Can I trust what you say?

16th February — Tom Simpson

Designer Baby - can we create the perfect human?

23rd February — John Wyatt

The Biggest Question - Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

9th March — Pete Williams

REAL Conversations

Cambridge: does it matter what I think?

5th February — Niv Lobo

Jesus: myth, man or more?

6th February — Niv Lobo

Evidence: did Jesus rise from the dead?

7th February — Niv Lobo

Suffering: where is God in our pain?

8th February — Niv Lobo

Faith: are all religions the same?

9th February — Niv Lobo

REAL Lives

Real news: the disgraced cabinet minister

5th February — Jonathan Aitken, Michael Green

Real love: a laughing stock

6th February — Michael Green

Real change: the mafia boss

7th February — Slavko Hadzic

Real life: a sceptic convinced

8th February — Michael Green, Andy Mayo

Real hope: can you change the world?

9th February — Michael Green, Andy Mayo

Big Questions

Last term's lunchtime events

Christmas unwrapped: why celebrate?

24th November — Pete Snow

Fake news: do we need truth?

17th November — Will Zong

Resurrection: hoax or history?

10th November — Tom Price

Gospel truth or gospel tale?

3rd November — Dirk Jongkind

If God is good, why is the world so bad?

27th October — Richard Cunningham

Freedom: have we got there?

20th October — Brian Elfick

Miracles: too good to be true?

13th October — Denis Alexander

Can a rational Cambridge student believe in God?

6th October — Ben Cooper


Other CICCU talks

Science and Faith: Is Religious Belief Irrational?

31st January — Alister McGrath

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