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Friday Lunchtime Talks

Exploring life’s big questions

Friday Lunchtime Talks are an opportunity to engage with the issues and objections which people in the university have with Christianity. We tackle common questions like “Hasn’t Science made Christianity out of date?” or “How can we trust the Bible as history?”

If you can only make one CICCU event each week, this is the one to come along to with your friends.

A short talk with a chance to ask questions afterwards, free lunch, every Friday in full term from 1:10 to 1:50pm.

Got a question?

Have you got a question about God or Christianity that you want to have answered? Write it down here and we will try and answer it at one of our FLT’s! If you’d like us to reply with an answer instead, please leave an email address.

Past Talks

We also keep lots of recordings of past talks

How good is good enough for God?
We often think of God as accepting ‘good’ people, but is this actually true? How good is good enough? Or isn’t it hypocritical that sometimes Christians themselves do wrong things, all the while believing that they will go to heaven? Join us for a short talk and discussion with Jonty Allcock about whether being good is in fact the way to be accepted by God.Jonty Allcock — Fri 7th March 2014
Can we know what the Bible really means?
“To give a text an Author and assign a single, corresponding interpretation to it is to impose a limit on that text.” If there seem to be so many different interpretations of the Bible, is it possible for it to have a single ‘correct’ interpretation, and how could we know what that is?Charlie Butler — Fri 28th February 2014
Why would Jesus die?
Doesn’t it seem odd that the symbol of Christianity is a object of torture and execution? Why is one of the most celebrated events of Jesus’ life His death? What, if anything does it mean for us as Cambridge students in the 21st Century?Robin Ham — Fri 21st February 2014
Is the Bible a 4th Century fabrication?
Wasn’t the bible chosen to make it say what early church leaders wanted it to say? What about the other gospels? Can we have any certainty that what we read now is the same as what people wrote in the 1st Century AD? Join us for a short talk and discussion about all these issues and more, with Pete Williams, a lecturer in Theology at Cambridge, and expert. [First few minutes of talk missing].Pete Williams — Fri 14th February 2014
Who would want to live forever?
Why would anyone spend their life on this earth, with all of the many things to enjoy, waiting for a future life after death which apparently consists of floating on clouds playing harps forever? Is it nonsensical even to speak about life after death? Jonny Clifton speaks on what Christians really mean when they speak of eternal life.Jonny Clifton — Fri 31st January 2014
Is bodily resurrection a medical impossibility?
The issue that all of Christianity hinges on, whether Jesus rose from the dead, goes against all the laws of science. Is it reasonable then just to reject it immediately? Piyush Jani, himself a top surgeon, will be speaking on the claims of Jesus rising from the dead.Piyush Jani — Fri 24th January 2014
Is absolute truth absurd?
Is Christianity outdated if it claims to be absolutely true, for all people everywhere, or in fact is this just the height of arrogance? Can there be absolute truth, and if it does exist, is it possible to know it? What about the challenges of relativism and postmodernism?Michelle Tepper — Fri 17th January 2014
Jesus: Return
The fourth talk in our Monday Lunchtime series entitled Jesus:Examined.Ian Hamilton — Mon 2nd December 2013
Jesus: Resurrection
The third talk in our Monday Lunchtime series entitled Jesus:Examined. [Unfortunatly the first two talks are unavailable]Ian Hamilton — Fri 29th November 2013
How can a loving God let people go to Hell?
If God exists, and He really is loving, surely that doesn’t fit with the idea of him letting people go to Hell for eternity? Surely no-one deserves to be punished like that, and should this call us to question whether He really is as He says He is?Robin Whaley — Fri 22nd November 2013

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